The Band: Push Play

About Push Play

Push Play, an American pop/rock band, was formed on Long Island, NY in 2006. Band  members are: CJ Baran (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards), Steve Scarola (lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), Nick DeTurris (bass), Derek Ries (drums).

Along with lots of touring, Push Play utilized social networks, new media, and the distribution of their own music on various digital vendors including iTunes. After using the software ProTools to record an album-worth of songs on his computer  CJ Baran submitted the songs to iTunes. Unexpectedly Push Play shot to #32 in iTunes' top music downloads. Push Play's first self-released album Deserted, was available in 2007.

For the next three years Push Play had a whirl wind of activities from opening for Miley Cyrus, selling out New York's Irving Plaza, to being signed to the record label Wind-up Records, where they released their first major album Found, which was produced by with Matt Squire, the multi-platinum producer for hit bands Boys Like Girls and Panic at the Disco. Plus, there was lots and lots of touring. During their last tour, Push Play had fans who literally followed them from show to show, often reaching the next venue before the band arrived. The first single from their album, Found, was  "Midnight Romeo." It received national radio airplay and reached No. 37 on the mainstream Top 40 radio chart. 

Unlike many bands, they also made a commitment to donate free performances in order to raise funds for a multitude of charities. Their charitable efforts were nationally recognized through the Push Play for Purpose campaign.

In June 2009, Push Play were signed to the record label Wind-up Records, where they released the first major album Found.

Unfortunately, in April 2010, the band announced they were ending their four years as a band, parting ways to pursue personal goals.

This website was originally created around 2008 to promote the band. After the band broke up the domain expired. When I discovered that the domain was available I immediately bought it with the goal of recreating as much of the old site from its archived pages. I also added information from other sources. I really enjoyed Push Play and followed the group as it became more and more popular here along the east coast. I remember where I was when I heard that Push Play was splitting up. I was at a bar in Manhattan with a Salesforce application development team working on optimizing a financial company's Saleforce org to improve their business across all their various divisions including sales, marketing, customer service, analytics, etc. In case you're not familiar with this cloud platform: the Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) product is the world’s #1 CRM (customer relationship management) platform. We were just taking a break at the end of a week of developing some custom mobile app when someone next to us at the bar looked up from their mobile and exclaimed in an anguished voice: Push Play is breaking up. Those of us who knew the band immediately started asking questions: why, when, you get the point. Another patron asked if they had any Push Play music that could be played. So we all commisserated as their music played raising our drinks in homage. Consequently you can now understand why I "rebuilt" this site in tribute to "our" Long Island band.


Meet the Push Play MEMBERS

C.J. Baron- Lead vocals, guitar, piano
Full Name: Christopher John Baran
Born: February 13,1990
Place of Birth: Dix Hills, NY
Biography: When I was about 8 years old, I picked up my first guitar. I tried playing it for a month and absolutely hated it! Two years later when I was 10 I tried my guitar again. This time I wanted to try to learn “All the Small Things” by Blink 182. I began to love the guitar. It eventually became an obsession. In the 6th grade I started my first band; however, we had one problem: no bass player. I met Nick DeTurris on the first day of school. I bugged him everyday to buy a bass and join my band “Kaution”. Finally, he capitulated and got a bass for Christmas- from Santa?? Naw! Nick joined the band. Kaution remained intact for about 4 years and then we took a break. It was when Nick and I were recording at a studio in Long Island that we met Derek and Steve. The chemistry worked and we decided to form a band naming it, Push Play.


Nick DeTurris- Bass
Full Name: Nicholas Glenn DeTurris
Born: December 19, 1989 / New Hyde Park
Biography: I grew up in Commack NY. I have a twin brother. We were born on December 19th. At the moment I live at home with my parents, brother and our dog. Without all their encouragement and support I don’t think I could have become the musician that I am today. I didn’t start out playing bass because I actually loved the instrument. I like to think that music is the reason why I stuck with playing it. However, the real, real reason I began to play was because of CJ. We met in the 6th grade. He needed a bass player for his band named Kaution. He asked if I wanted to play. I explained to him many times that I knew nothing about the bass, but he finally convinced me. That Christmas I bought my first bass. Basically, I’m self taught – never took lessons. And incredibly today, I can’t imagine life without my bass. One day CJ and I were at a Recording Studio where fate had us meet Derek and Steve. After hanging out a bit and getting to know each other better, we ended up just jamming for an entire day. The vibe was great so we decided that we should form a band. Which we did and the rest is history!


Steve Scarola- Guitar, backing vocals, keyboards
Full Name: Steven Christopher Scarola
Nickname: Scuba Steve
Born- May 8, 1990  /  Queens, NY
Biography: Yo, whatssup? I want to thank all the people who have brought music into my life. My family, mom, dad and brother, have been amazing with all their support. Without them, probably none of this would be happening to me. Music was a big part of my life both in and out of school. My musical education started at home with piano lessons at the age of seven. At the time I couldn’t have cared less about Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven. I learned to play the saxophone and tuba in school and then I taught myself how to play the drums just for fun. Playing guitar is now my life. I’m into every type of music genre- rock, jam bands and a little Bob Marley always makes me feel good. My top five bands are Rage Against the Machine, All American Rejects, Brand New, Pearl Jam, and the Dave Matthews Band. At the age of twelve I started playing the guitar and have never stopped playing. Every single day I pick up my guitar and have fun playing.  The fact is playing guitar has brought many opportunities my way. Right now I tutor kids who want to learn how to play guitar. Being in Push Play is by far the best musical experience yet. Playing with CJ, Nick, and Derek has been just phenomenal. Because everyone appreciates and respects the others’ talents, we work really well together. The rest of my history with music is yet to be written. I’ll fill you in as it’s happening. Peace all.


Derek Ries- Drums
Full Name:  Derek James Ries
Nickname: D-ROCK
Born: April 11, 19890 / Smithtown, NY  (Long Island)
Biography: YO, what’s good? Most everyone calls me D-ROCK.  As long as I can remember I’ve been playing the drums my whole life.  There has been an endless number of bands where I have been the drummer. Currently I am playing in the musical group called PUSHPLAY. Music is my life. At the moment I feel extremely content playing with my band members. I also happen to love fashion- ha, I bet that surprises some people -  and chillin’ with my friends. Listening to music all day long no matter what I’m doing is a given. The typical bands I listen to are the Killers, Death Cab for Cutie, Glassjaw the Mars Volta, Fall Out Boy, Hella, Every Time I Die, Incubus, and the Dillinger escape plan, Chyeahh, Pe@ce! All!